• Great for dogs and handlers of all ages

    Low physical impact and High mental exercise

    Scent Work builds confidence and you can practice anywhere

  • United States Canine Scent Sports

    Dog, Handler and Host friendly Competitons

    Learn what sets USCSS apart from the rest

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  • Four traditional element classes

    Five NEW games classes

    USCSS offers five competition levels and allows you to choose when to move up to the next level.

    Learn more about Classes Learn more about levels
  • All Q's earned count towards titles

    Fun and Challenging Competitions

    USCSS allows day of trial entries, for exhibition only entries and multiple dog entries. You and your dog can have fun earning titles for doing what dogs were made to do - Sniffing!

    USCSS Rules USCSS Titles
  • 6 Fun Games

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1 - TDC

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Scent Work University

Scent Work University

Online Dog Training Courses At Scent Work University, we believe dog ownership should be a fun-filled adventure.

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Coyote Rollers

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