Unveiling New Horizons

The United States Canine Scent Sports (USCSS) is excited to announce the formation of its sister organization, the International Canine Scent Sports (ICSS). The ICSS was created to promote and expand the sport of canine scenting internationally. The ICSS follows the same rules and guidelines as the USCSS, and offers trials that are both fun and challenging. The ICSS is open to all dogs of any breed or mix, and we invite all dog lovers to come join us in this exciting new venture. Together, we can make canine scent sports a truly international phenomenon.

The International Canine Scent Sports (ICSS) is committed to promoting international cooperation and exchanges in the field of canine sports. One way we achieve this goal is through our foreign affiliate liaison, Marie Mauney. Marie is available to help affiliate organizations in any way to ensure that their events are successful. She has a wealth of information and experience in event planning and management, and she is passionate about canine scent sports and helping others to organize events that meet the highest standards. We are confident that she will be able to contribute to the success of any event.If you are interested in becoming an affiliate and hosting ICSS events, or are already an affiliate and need assistance with your event, please feel free to reach out to Marie.
Natalie Duberow is the Judge and CSD for both USCSS and ICSS, and she would be happy to help you get started. ICSS has a lot to offer its affiliates, from access to our resources and expertise to promotional opportunities and discounts on event registration. By becoming an affiliate, you can help us grow the canine sport, while also providing a valuable service to your community. We hope you will consider joining us in this exciting endeavor.

Happy Sniffing!

CSSI Approved Affiliates