Trial Entry Questions

Q: Do I have to enter every class offered at a trial?
A: No, you can enter any number of the classes offered at a trial.

Q: Can I enter day of trial?
A: Offering Day of show entries is up to each host and should be addressed in their trial premium. If Day of Show entries are offered then yes, you can enter day of trial as long as there is room in the trial.

Q: Should I enter A or B in Novice class?
A: We offer A & B in the Novice level and classes to give handlers that have never gotten any Nose Work titles before. We count the titles earned by the handler and not the dog. The searches are the same for both A & B.

Q: Can mixed breeds enter USCSS scent work trials?
A: Yes, both mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs are welcome at USCSS Scent Work trials.

Q: What do I need to do in order to compete with my dog at a sanctioned USCSS trial?
A: First you would go to the become a member page and fill and apply for your free membership to USCSS. Next step would be to go to Register your dog and fill out the USCSS dog registration form. The cost to register a dog is $25.00 per dog and that is for a lifetime registration. After those two things are done you can then enter any sanctioned USCSS Scent Work trial.

Q: Does my dog have to have an ORT to enter a USCSS trial?
A: No, USCSS does not require an Odor Recognition Test to be able to compete in a sanctioned USCSS Trial.

Q: How old does a dog need to be to compete in a USCSS trial?
A: The minimum age for a dog to compete in a sanctioned USCSS trial is 6 months old.