Welcome to US Canine Scent Sports

We strive to keep the activity and game of Scent Work fun for all involved, including the dogs, competitors, officials, volunteers and trial hosts. Our rules and regulations are designed to be clear, concise and as simple as possible, and our sanctioned events should be inviting, relaxing, fair yet challenging while promoting a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the dogs, handlers and spectators. Let’s get to sniffing!

USCSS seeks to facilitate the building of friendships and a supportive community. Trials should be a social event for people to share their passion and love for their dogs! In this vein competitors are permitted to crate out of their cars or when space permits, create a tented area outside of their cars and non-reactive dogs may be set-up in a crating style community similar to those seen at agility trials. It is the owner’s responsibility to know their dog and what is best to set them up to succeed; a Reactive Dog Area will also be available at all USCSS sanctioned events. Food is a great way to bring people together and build a level of camaraderie. We encourage all Trial Hosts to offer food for sale or to assign a potluck coordinator.

To provide greater flexibility, USCSS gives the Affiliate the ability to decide which Classes to offer at their trial. The Affiliate is in the best position to determine the needs of their competitors and the range of Classes their venue will accommodate. The Affiliate determines the number of Classes to offer, the type of Classes to offer and the number of judges to hire. This flexibility, while still abiding by the USCSS rules and regulations, provides endless possibilities for trial locations and Classes to offer which means more opportunity for the Scent Work community.

A New Direction

The goal of United States Canine Scent Sports (USCSS) is to provide a user-friendly organization committed to promoting Scent Work events that are fun for the dog, the handler and the event hosts. USCSS strives to allow any dog to participate in Scent Work while fostering and encouraging the bond between dog and handler. We are dedicated to growing this amazing sport while maintaining our standards.

The Future

As this wonderful sport grows USCSS is committed to continuing to learn and grow as an organization while still maintaining a friendly, inviting and challenging venue for our competitors and remain easy to work with and a source of support for our affiliates and trial hosts.

Classic Trials

In these trials, competitors search all four elements at the same level in a single day. This is the only trial in which a “Classic” title can be earned. If a dog does not Q in all four elements, any Q’s earned count towards variable title requirements.

Variable Trials

These trials offer both the Affiliate/Trial Host and competitor the most flexibility as any combination of of the nine Classic or Games Classes are offered. Any Q’s earned at a Variable Trial are counted toward a competitor’s title requirements.

Host Friendly

USCSS believes in giving affiliates as much say in their trials to better ensure a successful event for all involved. Any club, group of organized people, or individual can apply to be an USCSS Affiliate.

New Concepts

No odor recognition tests required. No walk throughs. Both pre-entry and day of show entries. Volunteers may run for exhibition only. Handlers allowed to run multiple dogs.