Thank you for your interest in United States Canine Scent Sports™ and in becoming an approved Affiliate/Trial Host!  Our goal is to reach as many dogs and competitors as possible on a national level and to do so, we need experienced and enthusiastic Affiliates/Trial Hosts.  This is where YOU come into play!  

Here is a quick rundown of what sets USCSS™ apart:

  • No membership fees are required for competitors
  • Quick and easy registration for dogs, with a one-time lifetime registration fee
  • No ORTs are required to compete
  • No walk-throughs of the search areas
  • Class and Game classes
  • Single and multi-level trials
  • Competitors are permitted to crate outside of their vehicles
  • Competitors may run multiple dogs; first dog is eligible to title, all subsequent dogs will run For Exhibition Only
  • Competitors can choose to stay at any given Level; this is extremely advantageous for owners of senior dogs
  • Affiliates/Trial Hosts can choose to put on a Classical or Variable Trial
  • Affiliates/Trial Hosts decide how they wish to accept entries (first-come-first-serve basis or lottery)
  • Day-of-show entries are permitted
  • Costs are kept to the bare minimum to help Affiliates/Trial Hosts earn a profit, so they will host more trials!
  • Focus is on building a community and everyone having FUN!

The first step would be to submit an USCSS™ Affiliate Application. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for this Application which you may submit via PayPal here.  Once we have received the completed Application and fee, we will review the same and get back to you within a two-week time frame.  Upon your approval as a USCSS™ Affiliate, you will be able to host sanctioned USCSS™ trials, workshops, seminars and events. Here is the Trial Application. We want all of our Affiliates to be successful, so we are happy to assign a mentor to help you along the way.


If you are already an affiliate and would like to host a USCSS Regional Championship – Here is the info – Affiliate Regional Championship Info and Application

Affiliate Trial Handbook 1.8 

       Itemized Changes to ATH 1.6

Affiliate Trial Workbook 1.3

        Itemized Changes to ATW 1.3