There are 3 types of trials available through USCSS and they are Classic Trials, Variable Trials and Select Trials.


Classic Trials :

In these trials, competitors will search all four (4) Elements: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, and
Container Classes in a single day and at the same Level. This is the only trial in which a
“Classic” title can be earned. However, if a competitor does not earn their title at a Classic trial,
any and all Q’s earned will count toward the general USCSS™ title requirements. Affiliates/Trial
Hosts have the choice to offer single or multi-level trials.

Variable Trials :

These trials offer both the Affiliate/Trial Host and competitor the most flexibility as any
combination of the nine (9) Classic or Games Classes are offered. Any and all Q’s earned at a
Variable Trial are counted toward a competitor’s title requirements.

Select Trials * NEW*

In addition to hosting sanctioned USCSS™ trials, seminars and events, approved Affiliates may also host a special event called a Select Trial. There are many advantages to hosting a Select Trial, including:


  • Being a smaller event, it is easier for the Affiliate to host;
  • Offers an additional titling opportunity for the competitors;
  • Gives competitors a taste of what USCSS™ trials are like;
  • Affiliates may run event early or late in the day to help with weather concerns, and
  • Affiliates may host a Select Trial along with another event, such as a Barn Hunt Trial.


Newer Affiliates or those who have a small Scent Work or USCSS™ community will especially benefit from these Select Trials. These events can be an outstanding way to build your community and overall interest in your Scent Work classes and USCSS™ trials and events.



  • Affiliates may host a maximum of 3 Select Trials per calendar year; Affiliates interested in hosting more than this maximum in a calendar year need approval from USCSS™, and all requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Select Trials are limited to a total of 2 Classes. Affiliates may choose from any of the Element Classes (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle or Container) or Games Classes (Team Spirit, Go the Distance, Heap O’ Hides, LudicrouSpeed or Scenting Sweepstakes).
  • Select Trials must be single-level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior or Master).
  • USCSS™ recommends a 50-dog maximum entry level for a Select Trial. Affiliates may choose a smaller limit, but must clearly state this on the Premium.
  • CSDs may also act as a Judge at a Select Trial.
  • Affiliates are urged to bring in as many additional Judge(s) necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Select Trial (e.g. for an event with over 50 dogs, Affiliates will likely be best served with the CSD and at least 1 additional Judge, depending on the site and distance between the search areas).
  • Competitors may choose from titling, FLO (For Legs Only) or FEO (For Exhibition Only).
  • All Q’s earned will count toward Element titles, Game titles, and Variable Trial titles.
  • Award and ribbon requirements include qualifying ribbons and 1st-4th placements for each Element Class and Game offered (e.g. Novice would be broken down into Novice A and Novice B).
  • No High in Trial, High Champion of Record or High Rescue awards in Select Trials.  
  • Affiliates must complete a Select Trial Application ($25.00), submit the required insurance and draft Premium for USCSS™ to review.  
  • Competitors will enter the Select Trial via the USCSS™ website and then receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to pay the Affiliate.  
  • All other requirements and rules as outlined in the Official Rulebook, Judge and CSD Requirements and Handbook, Affiliate Handbook and Affiliate Workbook apply to Select Trials.  

No matter which type of trial you plan to host or enter you will have a great time!