Classic Classes

Classic Classes are based on traditional competitions and dovetail nicely with other organizations.


 Interior Odor is placed inside any structure with a roof a minimum of 4 walls.
Exterior Odor is placed anywhere outdoors, preferably in an area without a roof. Covered areas must have a maximum of 2 walls.
Vehicle Odor is placed on any vehicle used for transportation. Odor will not be placed inside or on the undercarriage of any vehicle
Container Odor is placed inside any type of container.

Game Classes

Game Classes focus on a specific skill needed to be an outstanding Scent Work team and are a fantastic way to hone your skills as a team in a fun and competitive manner.


Team Spirit   Competitors work in teams of four (4) to locate a total of four (4) hides.
Heap O’ Hides   An endurance search where the search area can contain 1­ to 10 hides.
Go The Distance   A test of whether a dog can successfully search away from their handler.
LudicrouSpeed  This game tests how quickly a dog/handler team can find multiple hides.
Scenting Sweepstakes Winner and top 4 placements divide a percentage of the money pot from entry fees for this class at that trial.