USCSS News – Feb. 2021

Hello everyone,
We are hoping this finds you and your pups well. We are excited to get rolling on new things in the works for USCSS.

First and foremost we are happy to announce after working with 10 different programmers we are REALLY REALLY close to having a made for us, user-friendly scoring program!!!! One of the pluses of this new program is that the trial results can be uploaded to the USCSS site the day after the trial. Hats off to the affiliates that have been able to host trials and to all that have supported them. We are still in crazy town here in CA ;(

But we hope to get rolling again very soon! We are also working on getting the USCSS regionals on the calendar again. This may take some time as larger venues are still hard to come by due to COVID-19.

It is that time again to look at the USCSS rulebook and entertain input and suggestions and make needed or wanted amendments and rule changes or clarifications. We have a rule committee in place and they will take any constructive ideas from March 1st to March 15th, 2021. We appreciate you all, Affiliates, CSD’s, Judges, and Competitors and we welcome the input. Please submit any suggestions to Easytospotdals@gmail.comAnd give as much info as you can to support your ideas, if it is a rule change or clarification please include the rule.

While USCSS is not the oldest or biggest scent work organization we will continue to strive to be the most friendly and most fun scent work organization 🙂
Thank you Julie & Daneen

United States Canine Scent Sports

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