Copy Cat – info and rules

Copy Cat 

This is a search area that is great for smaller areas and that may have line of sight issues.

The search area can be anything that the person can see their dog from wherever they choose to release their dog. Can be off leash if the search area is fenced off and secure.

There is one hide and everyone can watch and see where the hide is.

There is a line that the handlers can not cross. This line goes around the entire search area and the handler chooses where to begin. Once a dog is released to search the handler may not move or talk after the initial search command is given.

The judge then watches the dog and says alert when the dog finds the hide. The handler then can run in and reward the dog by the hide.

This game works on several different skills, such as reading the search environment to plan where to release your dog, learning to be quiet and motionless while your dog is searching and for the dog to independently search.

Fastest time with no faults.

Moving or talking after the release or before the praise is a fault.

Minimum hides: 1

Maximum hides- 1

Minimum points – 95

Maximum false alerts – 1

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