Sept. Link Canine Coaching USCSS Candids

Congratulations to Link Canine Coaching , Michelle and Chris, on hosting their first USCSS Scent Work trials.Lots of great searching by some amazing teams.

Thank you to CSD Dianna Santos and judges Lindsey A and Sharon K. And a million thank yous to every single one of you that came to play and volunteered and enjoyed the day with friends and your pup/s.


The First USCSS Trial May 14-15, 2016 Candids

My heart is happy and full of appreciation for all the wonderful people that came together and made US Canine Scent Sports a reality.
We held our first trial ever and it was fabulous and fun and fun 🙂
We had a blast watching some pretty amazing teams out here having fun and friends enjoying the day together.
Thank you to Penny Scott-fox for CSD’ING and Lori Brison for judging. Our score room wizard Natalie McManus and Sharon Kihara. Michael McManus you handled parking lot with grace and a smile. Marcella Winslow and Jim for your photo prowess. Claire Matthews for the expertise in all the technical back end workings of USCSS. Josie R Sandoval for check in table and every single one of you that joined, played, volunteered and chose to spend the day with us. We hope you all had as much as we did.