USCSS Title Certificates are Here !!!

The USCSS Title Certificates are now available!!!! What an exciting, exciting day today!!!

Log into your account, Click on your dogs registration number and then click on the title you would like to download. Thank you all for your patience and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

And Thank You to Sara and Claire for making this possible.


BowWows Colorado Springs, Co Judge & CSD Cert. Workshop

This past weekend BowWowz in Colorado Springs, CO hosted an outstanding Judge and CSD Certification Workshop and mock trial. USCSS™ is very fortunate to have this group of officials as part of the team; they are professional, thoughtful, kind and have a great sense of humor. The competitors rocked the mock trial and we want to thank them all for coming out and playing with their dogs. We look forward to more USCSS™ events in CO and across the country! Happy Sniffing!