News and Update from USCSS

Hello Everyone,


We hope this finds you and your pups happy and healthy.


As USCSS™ just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, we wanted to go over a couple of things. First off, we would like to thank everyone for their support and patience over the last year. Every new endeavour has bumps, glitches and growing pains, and we are no exception. Some tasks were fairly easy and some turned out to be more of a challenge than we ever anticipated. We appreciate your care and patience with most of the later challenges.


At the core of this whole adventure of forming and growing USCSS™ is that we want it to be fun: fun for everyone including the dogs and handlers, officials and Affiliates. We want to offer dogs and handlers more opportunities to play this amazing game. It is our sincere hope that you will give USCSS™ a chance and learn to love and embrace the things that help set USCSS™ apart, such as the Games Classes, the potlucks and the sense of camaraderie that forms when people sharing a passion come together. We will continue to move forward with the goal of offering more Scent Work trials that are challenging yet fair and fun for all involved.


There are a couple of new things we are working on and we want you all to know what stage these are in, as well as items we will be working on in the near future.


Here are the cool things we are working on now:


  • Select Trials: Ready to be rolled out now. We are so very excited to offer these new types of trials. We think these might be the answer to help Affiliates and competitors get their feet wet and become more familiar and comfortable with USCSS™. Learn more about Select Trials here.
  • Online Real-Time Trial Run Order site: Actively being worked on now and this new little tool is super cool! We did a trial run at one of our trials and the feedback was great. We can’t wait to be able to offer this handy trial tool to everyone.
  • Individual Trial Results: next on the IT to-do list
  • Scoring Program: Being worked on now. Crossing our fingers, third time’s the charm 🙂
  • Affiliate Admin Access: This feature will allow each Affiliate to manage their own trial. On the IT to-do list.


Here are some of the things we will be working on in the future:



  • Junior Handler Program
  • National Competition



Lastly, we want to be sure you all know that USCSS™ has an open-door policy. We welcome any and all input, suggestions, questions and concerns. While not every suggestion or idea will be implemented, and we understand that we can not make every single person happy, we do know that being listened to and heard is important in all relationships and we do value our relationship with you. So, we are here to listen to you with the goal of making USCSS™ even better.


We are available by email, messenger and phone. Please know that the only way we can fix things is if we know they need fixing, so please do not hesitate to give us a heads up that something is amiss. We do our best to respond quickly, so if you don’t hear back from us within 24-hours, we did not get the message.  Here are all of our contacts:

Julie Sandoval, Co-Founder of USCSS™

(661) 269-1980 or (818) 399-6778


Dianna Santos, Judge and CSD Coordinator

(818) 515-1056


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