We are excited to be introducing the United States Canine Scent Sports Regional Championship © & United States Canine Scent Sports National Championship © competitions to our competitors!

The ultimate goal is to hold 6-8 Regional Championships throughout the United States as well as in other countries that host USCSS trials. The first year, we will be holding 4 Regional events in the United States followed by then including a rotating National Championship Event.

The Regional Championships will be competitions that span 2-3 days that offer every class and every level. Number of entries will determine 2 or 3 days of competition.  At the end of the Regional competition, the Top 5 dogs of every level ( Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior and Master ) will compete in a Finals Round for the title of that years  Regional Champion in their level.

Competitors have the opportunity to earn Q’s, Titles as well as Regional Championship Titles!

Each regular element class and game class will offer first through fourth place ribbons.

There will be an overall Regional Champion for each level as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze placements. 

The Regions for the season are:

Northeast Regional

Southeast Regional

Northwest Regional

Southwest Regional –

Please be aware that  since USCSS © Regionals are a new competition,  rules may change without notice. Official USCSS Regional © rules will be posted soon.

  • Any dog with a valid USCSS © Registration number can compete in a regional.  
  • You can enter one class or all the classes you would like to enter, and as always, every Q you earn counts towards USCSS © titles.  
  • You must compete in the same level for all classes at a Regional to be eligible for the finals competition. 
  • Top 5 spots for finals are Q’s + Points + fastest times.

USCSS © Affiliates : If you are interested in hosting Regional or co-hosting with another affiliate,  please contact us!

We are happy to help make that happen! We are looking forward to some amazing sniffing events!